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Are You Ready to Train Your Next Star?

Coaches, Athletic Directors, businesses and fitness trainers are all looking for one thing: their next star. In their pursuit to find them, many travel across the nation, purchase fancy training equipment and spend countless hours just to find their next big star.

But what if you could spend just $149.95 to help train your next star? It’s true–and it can happen thanks to the power of the Apple iPad and the NexStar Training System.

We would like to introduce you to the NexStar Training System. NexStar allows coaches, athletes, trainers and even businesses to use the power of the iPad to shoot stable, high-quality footage of virtually anything.

In this blog, we will suggest the many different ways that you can use the NexStar system…and even post video examples along the way! This blog is dedicated to providing you with tips, tricks and secrets to training and coaching. Plus, we will post NexStar news, customer stories, and plenty of info about accessories and apps that you can pair with your NexStar Training System.

There’s no time like the present to start training your next star–and it’s all possible with the brand new NexStar Training System! So purchase your iPad tripod today and get reading on our blog–there are tons of ways to use your NexStar system…and we can’t wait to tell you how.

Steve Ashe
Founder of NexStar

Already curious? Check out how NexStar works.

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