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How Parents are Using NexStar Training System

How Parents are Using NexStar Training System Our NexStar Training System isn’t just for coaches! Parents all over America have found great uses in everyday life for their students. It enhances the capabilities of your iPad. Here are a few of our favorite uses. Maximize Practice at Home NexStar is easy to set up and…

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NexStar’s Commitment to The First Tee Foundation

  Did you know that for every NexStar system that is purchased by a golf professional, NexStar Training System makes a donation to First Tee? The First Tee is a youth development organization that provides young people with educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.…

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Top 8 Tips for New Coaches

Whether you’ve decided to pursue your professional coaching dream or have volunteered to coach Little League baseball, it can be daunting to have a whole team suddenly depending on you. However, some simple advice can help get you and your athletes off to a great start. Use our top eight tips for new coaches to…

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The Top 3 Things You Need to Be Doing in Your Coaching Videos

The NexStar Training System gives coaches the ability to provide their athletes with real time video feedback on the practice field. Captured either stationary via tripod or mobile with the action handle, it consistently produces steady, high quality video from an iPad making it the perfect coaching companion. The NexStar does its part to enhance…

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