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NexStar Training System Nominated For Edison Award

The NexStar Training System has recently been nominated for the 2014 Edison Awards. The Edison Awards seek to honor new, innovative products and their innovators in honor of the famous inventor and innovator, Thomas Edison. NexStar is so grateful to be nominated for this prestigious award. Thanks to our innovative use of the iPad and tripod system to create a better video experience as a coaching tool, we have helped uphold the values of Edison and his “drive for innovation, creativity and ingenuity.”

Our nomination for an Edison Award only excites us more about the future for the NexStar Training System and all the possibilities it holds. Not only does the NexStar allow for further innovation in sports training, it also holds the potential to enable a new, inexpensive world of moviemaking for students, podcasters and indie film creators. Teaching in the classroom, business communications and training programs will be greatly enhanced by the NexStar Training System. The Edison Award would help us to keep innovating.

By the end of January, we will know if we have advanced to the semifinals. Finalists will be announced by mid-February and will be awarded during the Edison Awards ceremony April 29-30, 2014 in San Francisco, Calif. Awards will be presented for several categories including applied technology, consumer goods, innovative services and media/visual communication, among others.

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