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NexStar’s Commitment to The First Tee Foundation


First Tee pic 6-20-16

Did you know that for every NexStar system that is purchased by a golf professional, NexStar Training System makes a donation to First Tee?

The First Tee is a youth development organization that provides young people with educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf. The First Tee Nine Core Values are honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy, and judgement. The First Tee has helped over 10. 5 million young people since its inception in 1997. At NexStar, we think that is definitely a worthy goal, and are proud to be a supporter of their mission.

Pictured here is Robert Fischgrund, Board President of The First Tee, accepting our donation from NexStar owner, Steve Ashe. Also pictured is young Conner, a current participant in The First Tee program. In addition to our ongoing monetary donation program, NexStar has also donated full systems to further their impact in developing individual skills.

At NexStar, we believe we are making a training system that can truly help make better athletes. Sports teach teamwork, perseverance, accountability and more. They encourage healthy habits and personal betterment. We’re proud to make a system that supports athletes and coaches and is compatible with users’ iPads.

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