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How Parents are Using NexStar Training System

How Parents are Using NexStar Training System

Our NexStar Training System isn’t just for coaches! Parents all over America have found great uses in everyday life for their students. It enhances the capabilities of your iPad. Here are a few of our favorite uses.

Maximize Practice at Home

NexStar is easy to set up and use, which makes it perfect for home use. Coaches may not always have time for that one-on-one attention that takes athletes to the next level, but you and your athlete will be able to use our tripod when training at home. Additionally, according to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners that respond more to seeing things than oral feedback. Practice good form and do drills, then immediately be able to watch the video and see how you can improve. Our tripods make it easy to set up anywhere with your iPad, and then your athlete will be able to watch their practice and see what their coaches see.

Record Games

Balancing everyone’s schedule is a daunting task. If you have multiple children, it can be overwhelming! Inevitably, someone is going to have to miss someone’s game. Our system is the perfect tool to allow you to film games with a steady “hand” so you don’t miss a thing. Our handheld accessory feature allows you to easily film sports with a lot of movement, or when in tight spaces where fans have limited room, while still keeping your iPad firmly in place.

In addition to filming for later enjoyment, you can review later with your student. This again gives them better knowledge and understanding of their form and areas for improvement.

If you are the proud parent of a very skilled athlete, you can capture footage for highlight reels, which can be essential in gaining college scholarships. Professional videographers are expensive. Our NexStar combined with the iPad captures HiDef quality video.

Hone Presentation Skills

Sports are not the only thing you practice at home! Students are expected to do presentations and public speaking at earlier and earlier ages. NexStar can easily enhance their education experience at school. Rather than have them practice once or twice in front of Mom and Dad, allow them the benefit of rehearsing as often as they need to, and seeing the results instantly from your iPad. From science fairs to speech teams, our system enables all users to see their performance for themselves—be it sports, public speaking, or any other skill where form and technique are needed. Your student will improve their delivery by rehearsing with NexStar. Our tripod system is easy to set up and use—your student will be able to rehearse independently with confidence.

Record Big Events

Sports aside, where else would you use our system? While it’s primarily used by coaches and athletes, many parents can (and do!) find many other uses. Is your student not an athlete? Our system also works perfectly for choir and band concerts, dance recitals, speeches, and more! Capture awards ceremonies, graduation, and prom photos without the shaky and disappointing results of using your iPad or iPhone by hand. Our system is versatile enough for most any situation. And by having our tripod system hold your iPad, your hands will be free for cheering and clapping for your student.

NexStar Training System can be a great investment for families. Our system is made to be very versatile and can help parents and children in a variety of situations, regardless of age or area of interest. What are some of the ways you have used your system? Reply below!

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