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The NexStar Training System Is Every Golfers Dream Training Tool

Golf instructors have been using the Apple iPad’s video feature to record their students and teach them how to correct faults in their game since its introduction. While the iPad is a very powerful tool that can deliver instant video feedback right on the green, the problem is that humans were not built to hold iPads steadily for filming. Shaky video is not conducive to coaching because it doesn’t provide an accurate representation of the golfer’s performance. That is where the NexStar Training system comes in, creating the perfect video training tool for golfers of all skill level.

  • The Coach
    With the NexStar Training system, coaches have three options to choose from for capturing their athlete’s performance.

    • The first and most mobile option is the action handle. With its ergonomic design, it’s ideal for stable one-handed tracking shots.
    • Secondly, we have our adjustable tripod with its patent-pending ground locking system.  No matter what the terrain is, you’re sure to get a level, steady shot each time.
    • Lastly, is the option using of the Shutter remote. This optional device allows coaches to step out from behind the camera and get a different viewpoint while still capturing a technical shot.
  • The Novice Recreational Golfer
    If you’re a golfer who wants to get better but don’t have the time for lessons, the NexStar training system can be your coach. With apps like V1 Pro, you have access to professionally analyzed data, based on of over 55 million swings in its database.
  • The Student Golfer
    For students who want more time with their instructor, the NexStar training system is a perfect tool. With the NexStar, you’re not limited to your time spent on the golf course with your favorite teaching professional. Just record your swing and you can send videos back and forth with your instructor for constant feedback between in person coaching sessions.

The NexStar Training system is the perfect tool for golfers and instructors alike. A versatile tool that can adapt to any situation with the same reliable, steady, video output each and every time you use it. Two-time PGA Section Teacher of the Year, Rob Shipman of the Shipman Golf Institute, sums it up best, “This is a must-have in every golf instructor’s training arsenal. I recommend it to professionals & casual golfer who wants to self-evaluate.”

Order your NexStar training system today, and take your game to the next level!

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