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The Top 3 Things You Need to Be Doing in Your Coaching Videos

The NexStar Training System gives coaches the ability to provide their athletes with real time video feedback on the practice field. Captured either stationary via tripod or mobile with the action handle, it consistently produces steady, high quality video from an iPad making it the perfect coaching companion. The NexStar does its part to enhance the filming capabilities of the Apple iPad. However, great coaches know that there is always room for improvement.  To help improve your coaching videos we have put together the top 3 things you need to be doing in your coaching videos.

1.  Lighting is essential

Depending on the generation of your iPad, the rear camera quality can differ in overall megapixel quality. Regardless, the number one thing you can do is to make sure that the subject you are filming is well lit. The brighter a video is, the easier it is for the iPad’s advanced image processing sensor to refine it to highest quality.

2.  Edit videos tightly

Thanks to video, your coaching isn’t limited to your presence of being there. With apps like Coach’s Eye and V1 Pro, you can record, add guidance and send the video to your athlete so they can study themselves.

Something we see many coaches do is that they will just record the entire session and leave it as one big file. This is a nuisance for a number of reasons, but mainly is that it can make it very hard for your student to focus on any one specific area. . These apps make it extremely simple for you to edit points of emphasis cleanly and concisely, so your athletes know exactly what to work on.

3.  Film on the NexStar tripod using the Shuttr

The NexStar allows a coach to capture steady reliable video repeatedly. The iPad has a built in image stabilization system to smooth out shaky video. , Unfortunately this smoothing feature gives video a gliding feel that can blur an athlete’s movement. The only way to eliminate this is by using the NexStar to keep the iPad steady and in place. With the Shuttr tool, a coach can step out from behind the camera gaining an additional viewpoint in the process.

Using video as a coaching tool is the best way to provide an athlete with immediate feedback on what they can improve on because video doesn’t lie. Coaches need to have a commitment to capturing the highest quality video possible. It will allow them to hone their ability to recognize even some of the smallest faults, provide the right kind of feedback and become better coaches overall.

Make the commitment to being a better coach and order your NexStar training system today!

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