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Top 3 Apps to Use with Your NexStar Training System


To gain a competitive edge in today’s world coaches and athletes need to utilize technology that is readily available.

One of the most powerful pieces of technology on the market is the Apple iPad, a handheld tablet computer with top of the line camera optics and a tactile interface for easy control. These features make the Apple iPad the perfect tool for recording and analyzing an athlete’s performance and technique in real-time on the field. However, the biggest weakness of the iPad is in its need to be held in your hand to operate. That weakness is eliminated, thanks to the NexStar Training System, an agile yet durable iPad tripod that improves your coaching ability through video feedback and hands-on instruction while holding your iPad securely in place.

The question we are asked most often when demoing the stability and maneuverability of the NexStar training system, is what applications work best and get the most out of the system…

Through our research and testing we’ve found three applications that utilize the technology available in the Apple iPad that when combined with the NexStar training system, makes a coaches life much easier.

1. V1 Pro
The V1 Pro App allows coaches access to their Branded Academy account and capture high definition 60 frames per second video from their NexStar training system. In addition to HD video capture, the V1 Pro app features side-by-side video comparison, real-time voiceover telestration, and online lessons for athletes. For $4.99 V1 Pro also has a golf centric companion app with the same basic features in addition to data from over 55 million analyzed golf swings that will teach you the perfect swing so you can enjoy the game.

2. Coach’s Eye
Designed as the ultimate coaching companion, the $4.99 Coach’s Eye app allows coaches to record in either high or standard definition, frame-by-frame analysis, zoom and pan, and the ability to create analysis videos with audio commentary, annotations, and slow motion breakdown. When shot with the NexStar training system, coaches are able to record and breakdown their athletes performances in real-time. Thanks to the simple sharing features of Coach’s Eye, a coach can share the film study of the day allowing the athlete to improve beyond the field.

3. CoachMyVideo Mobile
The last of our three recommended apps is the free app, CoachMyVideo Mobile. CoachMyVideo Mobile offers similar features to the previous two apps. The difference is that CoachMyVideo Mobile offers a special feature called frame capture that lets coaches capture the perfect moment in perfect detail. With great analysis and sharing features, CoachMyVideo Mobile is a great app to help coaches and athletes get the most out of their NexStar training system.

When it comes to coaching success, analysis and feedback are essential in improving performance. The NexStar Training System iPad tripod turns the powerful iPad into a coach’s dream. A lightweight, durable stabilization apparatus that aids a coach’s coaching ability without getting in the way, leaving you to do what you do best.

Want to take your coaching to the next level? Order your NexStar training system today!

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