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Top 3 Ways Technology Can Help Athletes Train Smarter

Sometimes it’s not about training hard, but training smart. Combining technology with your athletic training enables you to amp up your routine to maximize your athletic ability. Take a look at these three great technologies that can give you the boost you need to train smarter. Add one or all of these three technologies to your next practice to catapult you to the top of your game in record time!

1)  The NexStar Training System

One of the best ways to train smarter is by learning from your mistakes. Being able to see what you are doing wrong and then make corrections, is every athlete’s dream. The easiest and most effective way to do this is with the NexStar Training System. The NexStar allows you to use the tools you already have like your athletic abilities and your iPad to excel at your sport. Simply set up the NexStar Training System, attach your iPad, record your practice and discover all the things you need to become the best.

2)  Monitoring Devices

Devices like the FitBit Force and Nike+ Fuelband are wearable technologies that have recently experienced an upsurge in popularity – and for good reason. In the same way the NexStar Training System lets you learn from your current routine, these monitoring devices give you the numbers to back it up. Knowledge is power and the data these little technologies provide can give you exactly what you need to reach your goals.

3)  POV Cameras

While point of view (POV) cameras received their claim to fame by exhibiting extreme athletes’ crazy stunts, they are now an invaluable training tool for the rest of us. While technologies like the NexStar Training System let you get a better look at your performance from the perspective of an on-looker, POV cameras give you a better look at the action from the athlete’s point of view. This is especially good news for sports like skiing, cycling or running. If you’re moving at high speeds, POV cameras can help you replay the action to find out what you can do to improve.

Start training smarter: get the NexStar Training System today!

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