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Top 5 Ways Video Can Make You a Better Athlete

We know you’ve been training hard and working to perfect your skills on the field, but are you not quite the athlete you imagined you’d be? To fully capitalize on all your hard work, you need video feedback. Video feedback has been proven to be one of the most powerful training aids to help an athlete fully develop their skills. Here are the top five ways video can give you the information you need to be a better athlete:

1)  Learn From Your Mistakes

Many the top coaches and pro athletes will tell you video feedback is the secret to their success. Even if you have someone watching you play or practice, they can’t always tell you exactly what you did right or wrong. You need a frame of reference for their critiques. This can easily be rectified by filming your performance, especially if you use the NexStar Video Training System. By using your iPad on a high-quality tripod like ours, you can get instant feedback plus the perks of the technology if you’d like to take notes right on the screen.

2)  Create A Better Game Plan

Even if you already think you’re a pro, video can still make you a better athlete. When filming your athletic performance, particularly if you’re using the NexStar Training System, you can edit your videos on the go to create a more effective game plan. This is especially useful if you’re an active team player.

Not only can video feedback help you become a better athlete, but it can also help your teammates improve their performance. By using video, you can create video tutorials to help you and your team take on any athletic challenge.

3)  Seek Perfection

Even the most elite athlete is always striving to get better and so should you. Video feedback gives you the chance to pick apart your performance to figure out exactly what you need to do to improve. We don’t want you to necessarily spend hours scrutinizing one move, but video feedback gives you the chance to see what others may have missed in order to improve. Video can detect the subtle differences that can lead to dramatic results.

4)  Boost Your Confidence

As much as your technical athletic ability makes you a success, your confidence also plays a role. When you’re not giving yourself harsh critique, video feedback also gives you the chance to sit back and gloat a little. For a pick-me-up, watch your practice and see all the things you did right! This is an especially good idea if you’re about to step onto the field in front of hundreds or thousands of people.

Video feedback also gives you the chance to compare old videos to your newest ones. This is a great way to truly show yourself how far you’ve come and be your own inspiration.

5)  Get The Expert’s Opinion

By this point, it’s time to kick it up a notch when it comes to your athletic career. If you ever have the chance to meet another athlete you truly admire, maybe they’d like to give you some pointers? If they do, it’s a lot easier to show them a video of your performance than dropping everything to head out onto the field. This will also give you a chance to show them what you’re really capable of without being hindered by nerves. Being able to connect to an expert’s opinion, even if they are miles away, is now possible via technology. Use this technology to your advantage and watch your performance take off!

And if you’re really brave, you could upload video of your athletic performance straight from your iPad and the NexStar Training System to the Internet. You never know what the Internet will tell you about your abilities!

Ready to take your athletic performance to the next level? The NexStar Video Training System can take you there!

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